Sunday, June 08, 2008

Gosh Its Hot

The end of the week is here and I’m counting on Monday to be a fresh start, clean slate, everything will be wonderful, it will be cooler, it will be in technicolor and little cartoon bluebirds will sing on my shoulder...

To end the week, as Sunday for me is the end of the week, I packed all of my event gear crap into the RAV and stopped at Starbucks for that ever delish venti iced three pump mocha, then drove a gazillion miles in my very expensive gas sucking RAV to a rescue event where me and a few of my friends and fellow volunteers would melt in the horrendous heat under a tent begging for donations... except when I got there... THE FREAKIN THING WAS CANCELLED AND NOBODY BOTHERED TO CALL OR E-MAIL THAT IT WAS CANCELLED.

Lucky for my friends and fellow sweaty volunteers, they hadn’t left their air conditioned coolness so they didn’t have to spend $596 in gas getting there.

I drove home, pissed, but yet relieved that I didn’t have to stand in this freakin heat all day. So I came home and bagged up limbs I had cut and summarily tossed over the gate. 4 bags later, I’m totally drenched in sweat and decide that the rest of the day will be spent indoors doing nothing productive. Ok, so that’s what I usually do, why should today be any different.

My dogs REFUSE to go out unless their bladders are bursting. I don’t blame them.

I keep thinking of Monday, the Monday of change, the monday of when good things will happen, unlike last week, where everything that could go wrong did... except I notice that tomorrow its suppose to be 100 degrees. Hmm. Ok, not exactly the good start I was planning, but then I can look forward to tuesday, where the bag that I was suppose to get on friday will arrive... and most likely be another fanny pack... watch the news if it is, as there will be some interesting film at 11 for that.

To keep this topical on the whole “bad things” week, we tried to grill bratwurst on the grill and of course, yep, ran out of propane. Frankly if we had tossed them all on the hot deck that would have cooked them, but no, I finished them up in a vat of sauerkraut in the oven.

So, there you have the perfect finish to the week from hell. I have some very high hopes for next week, which I’m sure will be dashed the moment I step out of the RAV at work and spontaneously combust.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

I bought 2 pairs of sleepy pants today! I blame you, Penny.