Friday, May 23, 2008

The weekly rant

Because there just isn’t enough time to write up all of the stupidity of the U.S. during the week, I spend some of my fridays doing a recap of things that piss me off. After I rant, that’s when I discover more crap in my house that needs fixed (water draining into the basement from the rain, a cluttered back room etc.)

Gas Prices

The media is now trying to outdo each other with clever headlines or sayings about the high cost of gas. I’m sure they think that their cleverness will soothe our wallets as we pay $50 to fill up a lawnmower, but actually its making me more angry:
“Oil on the boil”
“Where the rubber meets the road”
“Car is king” (I have no idea WTF this was about)
and my all time fav:
“No drilling, just stop filling”

Ah, there we have it, yes... just as I suspected. Al “Big Head” Gore (who sold his soul to the devil, in case you hadn’t noticed) is pushing this whole global warming thing. Cars kill penguins, therefore if we make it so expensive to fill your car with gas, then nobody would drive and penguins would continue to poop wherever they are and life is wonderful.

Ben “I will die in congress” Cardin kept saying over and over and over and over (as he does because he truly does believe that if you say something over and over and over and over that eventually we’ll believe him) that instead of drilling for our own oil, we need to come up with “alternatives” to oil. This perpetuates that whole myth that gas companies have (for years) assassinated everyone that has tried to come up with an alternative to oil in order to rake in the dough. Actually, scientists (when they aren’t bitching about Intelligent Design) have tried coming up with alternatives. That whole corn ethanol thing doesn’t work for crap and actually pollutes the air and earth worse than oil (not to mention drives corn prices up so high that nobody can afford a box of flakes any more), and the battery/gas concept works pretty good, but still relies mainly on that whole pesky need for oil. If there WAS an alternative out there... I think the smart people would have come up with it already. There was an article recently on NBC (we edit our “news” the way we want it) about how people in Sweden are burning wood for energy. Um... I can’t burn leaves in my yard because of pollution, but a whole country is burning all of their trees. Nice one. Yeah, I totally buy that. If burning trees was a good energy alternative then why are we trying to put out the fires in Florida and California? Why aren’t we trying to harness that power???

And what’s with the “oil reserve” thing that we apparently are always filling? I just went up on Wikipedia (so I’m now an expert) and discovered that the “reserve” isn’t really a big vat where we store oil, its just a wild ass guess as to how much oil we have here in the states that hasn’t actually been drilled yet. You’ll also notice something very interesting in that the little map that shows the world and has red marked as “countries with the most oil” the US apparently has NONE. Um, ok, then how do you explain that we have enough oil to fuel ourselves for three years if we don’t get oil from anywhere else?

The thing that concerns me the most about this whole gas crisis thing is that we tell OPEC (congress wants to sue them) that THEY need to step up production and make more oil, and yet we don’t do a damn thing to drill in our own country. Why don’t we drill? Well, because we can’t hurt the penguin habitat. I saw that if these penguins are so damn important, then put them on treadmills to generate electricity! Make them work for their habitat.

Frankly, I’m hoping that it gets to the point where nobody has gas, then I won’t have a job to drive to and I can just stay at home like everyone else. How’s that for contributing to helping stop global warming. At the very least, nobody will come and take away all of my junk or take my house because they won’t have a way to drag all of my crap away.


DustyDoodles said...

As gas prices reached $4.29 here, I saw my first "Will Work For Gas" sign in town today. It made me realize just how much I am spending in fuel with my 65 mile per day commute. It isn't pretty and I'm not a happy camper.

bandit said...

Years ago I saw a program on things that people had built (we are late 80's early 90's). Did you know that a man created a wind turbine that had 13 blades position just so that a 3 mph wind would run an entire electric house and make no pollution. Edison electrical company purchased it for over 13 million dollars, according to the show. A man also built a perpetual car engine that uses no oil or gas, they couldn't say how much the automotive companies paid for that patent. I still believe that there is a way to create a wind turbine that can run a car on the highway.