Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Name on the Wall

I saw a name on a wall, it sounded familiar, but I hoped it wasn’t the person that I knew. Unfortunately it was.

Typically, having your name on a wall isn’t a good thing. Typically the only time a name ends up engraved in granite anywhere is when you are dead, and typically you are dead for a specific reason, hence the big granite stone with names on it of others that died specifically like you did.

This particular person has been dead for 13 years. I knew this person over 20 years ago. We weren’t best friends, just co-workers. We weren’t particularly close although I do dimly recall some drunken escapades. Its just kinda weird remembering those times and having hindsight wondering if there was something that would portend to the short life left for this person, or what strangeness made me see the name, recognize the name, confirm it was the same person, now feel oddly unsettled.

Its just funny (not funny ha ha, but funny strange) how things work out sometimes.

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