Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

So, I dug up the downspout thing and fixed it.
I layed down paving stones (nearly herniating myself)
I put drainage rocks around the paving stones and near the downspout
I put poo on the drainage rocks around the paving stones to keep the dogs from digging up my hard work.

Sunday I puked up peach yoghurt in my hair and lay in bed all day.

This morning I carried 5 forty pound bags of quikrete from the RAV and finally quikreted the big ass holes that the deck builders drilled into our concrete pad... only to discover they had drilled a foot too far to the left and had to drill more holes.

Then I mowed the back yard because the dogs were giving me nasty looks when grass tickled their butts when they pooped.

I threw some dishes into the dishwasher, took the dogs out back and supervised them (which consisted of me yelling at them to get out of the still soft concrete to no avail) and look at the house to see... yes, water leaking down the outside of the house. Grand, now what?

Oh yes, a pipe under our sink is leaking. Luckily the scrub sponges I had under there soaked up a majority of the water, but I can’t go relying on scrub sponges to soak up years worth of water for lack of fixing it. Made hubby get on the phone and call the plumber.

I have to say that All State plumbing in Maryland is wonderful. Not only do they have a handy book of prices so you know EXACTLY what it’ll cost you before they even start, but they work 24 hours a day and don’t charge more for nights and weekends, or holidays. They just arrive, fix, and leave after they get your check. I love them. They will be here sometime after 3 pm. Of course this means cha ching, more money gone, but that’s only because we got our income tax refund. This won’t nearly drain that money, oh no, I’m sure replacing the attic fan will do that, and when we get our economic stimulus thing (whenever that will be) I’m sure other things will break and take that money. Cuz that’s just how things happen around here. Get some money, something breaks or dies.

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