Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm a Little Tea Pot

The one good thing about the Internet is that you get to learn new things.
The one bad thing about the internet is that you get to learn new things.

I don’t know what category (good or bad) to put this little discovery in yet. I’m repulsed, yet fascinated. Nauseous, and yet curious.

This little gem (that until today I had never heard of) is called a Neti Pot. If you are like me, you said to yourself... WTF is a Neti Pot? Well, a simple Google and tah dah! Yep, there’s a Wikipedia entry that discusses the Neti Pot and what its used for. Of course, seeing how Wikipedia is populated by the input of a gazillion people, not all of whom are experts in any field and quite probably total idiots, and yet much more reliable in the accuracy of their posts than the average paid news media person who simply rely on the age old adage: “if someone said it, it must be the truth”, I confirmed this with other totally reliable web sources, because the Web is always right (unlike the media).

Anyhoo, I was still a bit confused as to how a person would use a tea pot to clean their sinuses. Being a rational thinker (except during certain times of the month), I figured that either:
1.) the person brewed themselves a sort of medicinal tea in the pot that would clear their sinuses or
2.) The person would brew themselves a sort of medicinal tea and then stick their nose near the top of the pot so that the steaming medicinal junk would waft up their nose, thus clearing their sinuses.

Undaunted by my guess (unlike the media), I decided to see if there were instructions on how to use this medicinal sinus clearing magical pot, and therefore I turned to the only reliable source for seeing how something (literally anything) worked, I went to Youtube.

There, I got to see an actual Neti Pot in action, and EUW! Ok, not EUW OHMYFREAKINGAH!!!

Are you kidding me? People actually do that? Hello, there’s stuff called Saline spray that you can squirt up your nose! There’s really no need to tip a tea pot in your nostril and have it come out the other side. I mean, I didn’t even know that was possible, that’s totally disgusting!

What if you had a guest come over, what if they found that little nose pot and didn’t know what it was and used it to make tea? That’s almost as disgusting as burning a candle in your ear to get rid of an earache (it doesn’t work and physicians in the 20th century say not to do that, as you could... oh, set fire to your head or suffer severe burns from the wax or lose your hearing).

What’s with everyone going back to these medieval times remedies for what ails ya? Sure there may be some stock in some of them, but there’s probably a reason why most aren’t performed today and that’s mainly because THEY DON’T WORK! Leeches anyone? Headache, how about a nice bleeding. Anyone for some nose tea?

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Tracey and Huffle said...

I think words have failed me again. EEEEEEW!