Friday, May 16, 2008

How Long?

I just went over to read Google news and found this:
Yep, Google feels it necessary to include (Burma) in their little toolbar of news. Apparently there are so many stories about Myanmar (Burma) that it now has its own little place in the news toolbar, and because so many people are incredibly stupid, the feel the need to add (Burma) in there. Hate to tell you Google, but people are so incredibly stupid that you should also put a link to your Google map to SHOW people exactly where Myanmar (Burma) is because I'd say about 95% of them either don't have a clue or don't give a rat's back end.

How long must we suffer through the (Burma) stage before people actually "get" that Myanmar was called (Burma) but is now called Myanmar. Its not like they'll put up China (Zhongguo) for those old enough (we're talking 6th Century BCE) to be confused about what land we're actually talking about.

I'm sure that map makers did the dance of happiness when the "Former Soviet Union" split up into its different little pieces that they keep trying to get back, and we suffered through Chechnya (the former soviet union) for a gazillion years until the map transfer. Up until then, everything pretty much stayed the same forever and China was China and Burma was Burma and nobody could find either on a map unless that map had big letters that said CHINA on it. Do maps now come with Myanmar (Burma) on it I wonder? After the whole new naming conventions, map makers actually had something to do, renaming each and every little new named country.

I have to wonder if consultants are to blame for all of these "new" country names popping up. Are governments spending billions of dollars to pay these suit wearing slicky people to come up with new and exciting names that fit the branding of the country while their populations starve? Probably. I'm still waiting to be a citizen of the United, but culturally diverse States of Americanasiafrica. I'd hate to be the one that has to come up with a new anthem for that.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

Hey, at least Myanmar gets a mention over there! ABC Radio here (which is like the MOST serious of talkback radio stations) keeps calling it Burma! Hundreds of thousands of people listen to this station. If they can't get it right, what hope has the rest of the population got?

I don't remember this kind of palaver when Bombay changed its name to Mumbai either.