Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Dead Kennedys (Well, not yet)

Most of today was filled with Ted Kennedy eulogies. Oh wait, he’s not dead yet, but from the outpouring of people who think they are important gushing memories of valiant, brave, courageous, hard working, honest Ted Kennedy in front of media cameras that would break from “regular news” in a heartbeat the moment anyone got in front of a microphone to even mention the name “Ted Kennedy” Um, we are talking about TED Chappaquiddick, drunk, bloated, wants to take your guns by force if we have a natural disaster Kennedy.

Ok, some of you may be saying “gee, that’s a bit harsh, goofing on someone with a brain tumor”. Well, yes it is, but I why on earth would my views change about someone simply because they have a tooomer. Does having a tumor mean all of your sins are forgiven and we only remember the good (if there is any) of people? No, if you lived a good life and did the best that you could and didn’t have people goofing on you while you were healthy, then they won’t do it when you have a tumor now will they?

Ok, so this isn’t as much as a rant about Ted, its more of a rant about our MEDIA. Please note that I refuse to call them “news media” because what the media does now isn’t the news. They call it news, but it really isn’t. What they do is guess, then report it as truth. The Kennedy tumor is a very good example of how “news” is “reported” by the MEDIA.

I’m happy to report that this isn’t limited to just one network, it seems to be the common practice of all networks, they just spin it a different way depending on if they are left leaners or left leaners pretending to be right leaners. Of course, if you are NBC, then you just edit everything out that you don’t want other people to hear.

Initial report: Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor
Next report: Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor
Next report: where exactly the tumor was, using this model of the brain
Next report: Dr. Michael Baden (a forensic pathologist) explains what the tumor is, where it is, what it affects.
Next report: That the treatments are: radiation and chemo
Next report: Another doctor looking at a cat scan and saying that it was a very big tumor, but then being told that the cat scan wasn’t actually Ted’s brain, so the doctor sat and looked confused
Next report: Another doctor saying “hey, there’s actually three types of treatment, the third being surgery, but if Ted’s doctor didn’t mention surgery then maybe its an inoperable tumor.
Next Report: a reporter standing in front of the hospital saying that the doctors didn’t mention surgery as an alternative so therefore his tumor was inoperable.
Next report: Another doctor saying that since the tumor was inoperable then Ted only has 1 - 5 years to live, if that long.

Gosh, I love the entertaining MEDIA.

The only thing I'm dreading right now is his actual demise, since we'll be bombarded with "Memories of Ted" which will highlight all of his good deeds and good work (that should take all of 15 minutes) and then his elaborate and probably tax payer money doled out funeral extravaganza.

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DustyDoodles said...

Ok, so I agree with you about the media. They are all over this tumor like flies on poop, and it's a bit old already. When he dies it will be worse. He is 76 afterall, and people have to die of something -- a brain tumor is as good as anything else, I suppose.

That said, when TeddyBoy dies, it will be the end of a dynasty. Truly the end of Camelot in American and for that, I am saddened. Now, I didn't say a great dynasty, just a dynasty. Please bear that in mind!!