Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Things I forgot today

This morning when I tried to set the house alarm when we went to work, it wouldn’t arm. It helps if I close the back door, which I left WIDE open. Thankfully the alarm system didn’t mind me cursing it when it didn’t arm, thus pointing out my stupidity in silence when I discovered the back door open.

I came home for lunch and set aside some file folders to take to work with me. Yep, they were still sitting on my computer desk when I got home after work.

I blame this all on not remembering to take my Zyrtec. I refuse to believe that Alzheimers commercial that pretty much gave me a laundry list of signs that fit me to a “T”. Nope, can’t be that, I’m much too young to be going senile, although the stupidity of others is sucking the life blood from me. Its probably the lack of life blood to the brain that is causing all this forgetfulness.

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