Sunday, April 13, 2008

Professional Procrastinator

I need to make myself a certificate to donate that I truly am a professional procrastinator (but I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet).

Any excuse is good enough for not doing something. Today’s excuse is:

I have to go somewhere in 4 hours.

Why haven’t I started doing laundry?
Why haven’t I taken the bags of leaves to the front for trash pick up?
Why haven’t I done the dishes?
Why haven’t I paid some bills?

Well, because I have to go somewhere in 4 hours. A quick trip for rescue to do a home check. Won’t take long at all, we’ll probably go to the mall afterwards, so its actually like going to the mall with a quick stop at a stranger’s house for a half hour, tops, but because its “scheduled”, I’m incapable of doing anything before that time.

I’ll try to spell it out, as its a bit confusing even to me. For some reason, if I’m waiting on a repair person, or have to go somewhere at a specific time, I’m incapable of doing anything because I will be interrupted. I’ll get stated on doing something, such as laundry, and since I’m the paranoid type that doesn’t like to leave appliances running while I’m gone for fear that they will spontaneously combust, or flood the house, I need to be around when they are running. Since I’m very bad at estimating how long it takes for the average load of dishes to run (I’ve only had this dishwasher for about 10 years now, so you would think I would have a reasonable time frame as to how long a load takes), so instead of pushing the limits of dishwashing cleaning time, I refuse to start the dishwasher if I have something scheduled. At least I’m not so pathetic that if I have anything schedule for next week is cause not to start the dishwasher, but it is pretty pathetic.

Same goes with the washer and dryer, except they really do have a count down timer on them that actually tells me how long a load will take to wash and then dry. Regardless, it just takes too much planning to figure out if I have enough time before the thing that is scheduled to know if I have enough time for a load of laundry.

I can’t possibly do anything that requires any sort of concentration if a repair person is coming to the house, because I have to be ever vigilant for the knock on the door, then the mad dash to get the dogs either outside or in their crates before opening the door. Its very stressful, so trying to do something that requires half a brain (the other half of my brain is always on vacation with no known return date) is just too stressful. Plus, I hate starting something and not finishing it, except in the case of painting the entire living room white, which has sat half finished (ok, one wall is done) for weeks now with painting supplies strewn all over. I also admit that I started painting my kitchen cabinets and now some don’t have doors, some are one color and others are the original color. Ok, so I’m sure there’s some deeper meaning to that not getting done.

Ok, so I actually started this blog entry when I had someplace to go in 4 hours, but now (because of constant interruptions) I have to leave in like 20 minutes. See! This is why I don’t do things when I have to go places because now I really don’t have a funny way of ending this blog because of the stress.

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