Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mitt Romney Sucks

Mitt Romney Sucks
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This just goes to show how he treats those he feels are below him. Once he's President... we're all "below" him.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest you do a little more research as this incident occurred like 25 years ago. And that was when people still had their dogs in open pickup beds and such. At least the dog was in a crate.

Shmoo said...

Dear Anonymous:

I know the incident happened 25 years ago. If a murderer isn't caught for 25 years, should we just say "oh, that's ok, it was 25 years ago".

In regards to the thought process of back then, when dogs were transported in open pickup beds and such, as a society we've grown to realize that kids and pets aren't safe back there. We look back and say "gee, that's pretty stupid", and yet Mr. Romney still asserts that his dog "Loved it" up there.

Had Mr. Romney said "ok, that probably wasn't a good idea", that's one thing, but his callousness continues even today.