Friday, May 11, 2007


Today was a total “me” day. After having minor hand surgery and being out of work for two glorious weeks, its time to go back to work. I decided to pamper myself with an expensive hair cut, as I had let the hair go long for almost a year and was sick and tired of dealing with it.

As usual, in my excitement, I left WAY too early for my appointment, so I stopped in for a delicious Iced Mocha (venti, 3 pumps), did some window shopping, and with more time to waste, found a lovely little pond with a fountain and sat on a bench soaking in the beautiful day.

This pond had ducks and geese. The ducks seemed convinced that I had something for them to eat and began to gather around me, looking somewhat menacing. I guarded my iced mocha and explained a few times that I normally didn’t walk around with tasty bread crumbs for ducks. They seemed mad but satisfied that I wasn’t holding out on them and went about their ducky ways.

The geese aren’t beggars and kept their distance. So majestic, so graceful. I watched a pair in the water swimming circles together and then noticed they seemed to be playing a funny game. One would dip their head in the water, then the other. Back and forth, faster and faster. I wondered if it was some goose game to see who would puke first or something. I chuckled at the thought until one goose jumped on top of the other goose, and I realized that the “game” was actually goose foreplay. I averted my eyes to give them some privacy, I mean I wouldn’t want geese watching me while I caught a piece of action, even though I don’t normally do that in a public pond or anything like that.

After they were done, the male did a kind of victory dance that included stretching his neck and flapping his wings while his water logged girlfriend looked a bit miffed. I guess geese have to do a victory dance, as just rolling over and falling asleep would result in drowning. He swam off, climbed ashore and plopped down under the shade of a tree and dozed instead, leaving his girlfriend to primp and preen herself after the dunking. I guess some things are the same no matter what the species.

The hair cut came out really cool, by the way.

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