Monday, April 09, 2007

Fun with Verizon, Round Two

Tonight we tried to fax something on our business line. Hey, what a shock, as scheduled our business line is now dead.

You may recall the fun fest that was trying to get Verizon to our house to fix our residential line. 3 weeks of waiting, 4 missed appointments, and the premonition (since it happens every year) that within a few weeks either our business line or our T-1 line would go out, and amazingly enough!

I go online and go through the maddening process of trying to schedule a repair appointment. Even though all of the lines are dead, even though the main jack is dead, and even though the service port is dead, the online line tester says its our equipment. Yeah, here we go again.

Of course all of the appointments are for weekdays and I can’t take any more days off, mainly due to the residential Verizon fiasco appointments. They don’t list friday as an alternative, which is my day off. Lovely.

I call their repair line and go through the spiel of our life with Verizon, while laughing. The technician is very happy that I’m “taking this so well” and its obvious that he doesn’t know a “ha ha this is funny” laugh from a “oh my gawd I’m going to set myself on fire if one more thing breaks in this house” laugh.

I have a repair scheduled from 8-12 on Friday. I’ll let you all know how well that goes.

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