Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Happy birthday

I started off my birthday with stepping in poop. Whee! A sign of a good day.

Actually it is, as the poop belonged to our 17 year old husky, and anytime he poops is a good day for us, and for him actually. He's got a tumor "back there" so pooping is a big event at our house when he does it.

I had planned on going to my hair appointment at the "spa". Here are the differences between the hair cuttery and a spa:

Hair cuttery: small cramped, slightly dirty salon
Spa: big expansive, fancy shmantzy place
Hair Cuttery: no beverages unless you bring your own
Spa: selection of coffees, teas, and waters for free
Hair Cuttery: haircut 15 bucks and a 3 buck tip
Spa: hair cut $60 bucks, 10 buck tip, 20 bucks for some serum that will keep your hair from flying around, but doesn't.

Went the spa for my haircut, should have gone to hair cuttery as I waited about a half hour for my "stylist" to decide to get her butt into work. Didn't get any tea or coffee because I figured it would be full of hair, but then after waiting for a half hour, realized I should have down a whole free pot of the stuff.

Got done, picked up hubby and went for sushi.
Good sushi
Dropped hubby off and stopped at Target to get some money out, since I didn't have enough cash to pay for my driver's license renewal. Target doesn't have shoes anymore, or if they do, they've hidden them in the back room.
Go to MVA main branch where just recently a local reporter was raving about their new streamlined system that'll get you in and out in no time.

Got a number, I was 274, they were on 170. Hmmm. Contemplated driving 30 miles to a smaller branch to get license, then decided "hey, its streamlined, how long could it take".

TWO HOURS LATER, I'm freed from the MVA with my new license where even with the new haircut I manage to look like a psychopath. There go my plans to stop at Kohls for a little birthday something, or get a decent latte. Got home in enough time to straighten the house up a tad, then hubby came home, we ordered curbside take-away from outback, got it, came home and gourged ourselves sick.

Spent rest of the night with severe heartburn and indigestion, and was glad that birthdays only come once a year.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Found: Chapstick

Today at work I noticed that someone had placed a tube of chapstick on the stair bannister. No doubt someone lost it and a kind soul put it up there for the owner to see.

In the first place, if I lost a tube of chapstick, I wouldn't want it back if found. I would have no idea if someone "did" something with it. They aren't that expensive, so better safe than sorry, I'd just get another one.

Secondly, it amazed me to see that someone placed the chapstick there. After all, this place is infamous for people stealing food, kitchen utensils and other things. We're not talking someone taking a sealed soda or hermetically sealed microwave food container. We're talking people that will steal half of someone's sandwich, or eat out of their tupperware containers. NASTY!

I would think that if this person found the chapstick, they would glom onto it and use it. After all, what's a little lip contamination on the way to stealing somone's leftovers.