Thursday, May 11, 2006

I hate storms

I'm tired.
I want to go to bed.
But I can't.
I have a 60lb husky with razor sharp claws that feels compelled to totally freak out and claw on me whenever we have a storm.
Its storming now.

I have no idea where she got this phobia from. When she was a puppy, she slept through storms.
When hurricane (Tropical Storm actually) Isabelle hit us, she slept through it downstairs with us... in the dark... no lights... no electricity... wailing 90mph wind gusts... not a peep out of her.

But here I am, bribing her with peanut butter smeared kongs to keep her from hyperventilating and clawing me until I'm bloody, wishing I could go to bed.

The other dogs (who are weirded out by her storm behavior) are locked safely behind the bedroom door with hubby, who is hopefully fast asleep. I'm sitting at the powerbook, nursing clawed arms (tried to comfort her, she wanted none of that), while she zooms through yet another peanut butter smeared kong bone, which I'm hoping will occupy her longer than the 1 minute the last one took.

Apparently food treats keep her mind off of the thunder, which continues outside. I'm lucky that these storms only last for an hour or two, nasty fast moving ones that freak me out to begin with, let alone having to deal with my own tornado phobia, and a dog clawing my skin off.

Ah, I got a whole 2 minute reprieve from the claws of death on that kong bone attempt. Occupies dogs hours at a time my ass, Meeshka has perfected the kongs and can clean one out in seconds flat. Sigh.

She's panting and staring at me again. I'm trying to ignore her, but sooner or later... yep, there she is... the claw. the stare... the claw and stare! AWWWW, the small whine. She never whines, that's odd.

Sometimes I think "what if she knows a tornado is on the way and she's trying to warn me and I'm ignoring her". I'm guessing its more like "hey, if I claw her enough she'll smear more peanut butter in that kong bone."

Will this stupid storm never end, my leg can't take much more of this.

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