Friday, May 12, 2006

Doesn't anyone work?

Today I had to drive to Annapolis to get saurkraut. The only place to get REAL saurkraut is a Pennsylvania Dutch market there, so that's where I had to go to get it.

The parking lot was JAM PACKED and tons of people were milling about. Don't they have jobs?
Oddly enough, there was a limosine parked in front of the PA Dutch market and obviously one of the store keepers was speaking to the people that eventually got into the limosine and I'm thinking... here are people that eschew all modern conveniences... kowtowing to some person in a limo.

I get my saurkraut, and also big vats of coleslaw and macaroni salad for a bbq tomorrow that will probably get rained out and we'll be eating big vats of coleslaw and macaroni salad for weeks. I also noted that the PA Dutch market is only open thurs-Sat, and I figured what a racket. They probably use Mon-Wed to create all of these tasty treats, then sell them to busy people like me who don't have the time to make these tasty treats... for a butt-load of money. Seems fair. Ok, no it doesn't. I wish I had time to make macaroni salad. I wish I had time to make stupid videos that get passed around on the internet then the makers of the stupid videos get movie deals. I wish I had the time to mill about the shopping center wearing designer cut off shorts and high heels (ok, not the high heels part).

With my PA Dutch goodies secure, I head for home, a mere 10 mile trip... except all 10 miles are backed up as far as the eye could see... actually farther because of the curvy roads. What should have taken me 15 minutes has turned into a 30 minute crawl, dashing my plans to stop at Kohls and get some comfy summer shoes to replace my oven-like not so summer (yet comfy) shoes.

We finally get to the cause of the backup, only to find its a car that decided to run head on into the metal barrier in the median... coming to a broken rest in the grass of the median... not even on the road... not even blocking anything.

Come on people! 10 miles of back up for looky loo activity? Sure its cool seeing a car sitting there with no front end, but there wasn't even a body sprawled out of a window or anything! I'm sure most of the world now has camera phones, take a freakin picture and MOVE IT!

On the other side of the highway... another 10 mile back up, for a wreck that WASN'T EVEN ON THEIR SIDE!!

I managed to find some cool sketchers at a shoe place in the mall later on, so the day wasn't a complete waste... even though the bathroom at Safeway was out of order, and during the car ride and then mall trip I downed two venti iced mochas (3 pumps) in record time... had to run over to the Starbucks down the strip mall to use their bathroom... and get another venti iced 3 pump mocha... hey, I used their bathroom, I couldn't just leave after that.

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