Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Found: Chapstick

Today at work I noticed that someone had placed a tube of chapstick on the stair bannister. No doubt someone lost it and a kind soul put it up there for the owner to see.

In the first place, if I lost a tube of chapstick, I wouldn't want it back if found. I would have no idea if someone "did" something with it. They aren't that expensive, so better safe than sorry, I'd just get another one.

Secondly, it amazed me to see that someone placed the chapstick there. After all, this place is infamous for people stealing food, kitchen utensils and other things. We're not talking someone taking a sealed soda or hermetically sealed microwave food container. We're talking people that will steal half of someone's sandwich, or eat out of their tupperware containers. NASTY!

I would think that if this person found the chapstick, they would glom onto it and use it. After all, what's a little lip contamination on the way to stealing somone's leftovers.

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