Sunday, October 09, 2005

Blog Spammers

So, after my run-in with kiosk vultures at the mall, I decided to whip off a quick e-mail to the general manager of the mall. Hey, he posted his e-mail on the mall Web site, so he was just asking for it.

Almost immediately, and not an auto-generated reply surprisingly enough, I got a response which had also been forwarded to the person in charge of yelling at kiosk salespeople. The manager assured me that my disappointing visit would not be repeated.

Amazingly enough, it wasn't. We cheerfully walked by each kiosk, as the kiosk salespeople sat slumped in the chairs, looking bitter and angry, but nobody except the idiot eyeglass cleaning guy (who I hissed at) approached us. Of course they were all glaring at us, as if they knew I was the one that ratted them out, but that was probably just my imagination.

Now if only I could be as effective with Blog Spammers. If anyone bothers to read this blog, you'll notice there are quite a few comments. Oh, its not because I'm popular and hip, its because idiots with nothing better to do, hoping to make it rich with penis enlargement pills, have found a way to auto comment on blogs once they are updated. At least I hope they found a way to do that, and don't sit and cut and paste that crap in manually, because auto commenting is pathetic, there's just no word for manually doing it.

I was deleting them. How dare you soil my writings with your pathetic boy toy or stock quote web site links, you moron! For each one I deleted, 14 others would pop up, so I said screw it. One of these years I'll figure out a way to block them. I want anyone to be able to comment, so I guess I have to deal with these idiots.

Guess I've rambled enough. Still getting over some kind of plague, SARS, Bird Flu or next Pandemic. Sweating like a pig. I'm taking the all important whatever the f holiday is monday off. Can't even remember what holiday it is, its so non-important. Oh yeah, I just looked, its the day that the one guy says he discovered America, but it was already discovered by the people already freakin living here. Whatever, its a day off so who cares. I'm hoping I'll stop sweating by then.