Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Pups At Work

The pups at work Posted by Hello

We don't have grass in our yard, and this is the reason why.
I don't mind that the pups dig, that's why we bought the house with a big fenced in yard, for them to play and have fun in. They can dig anywhere in the yard they want, except for near the fence, and they do.

I didn't know that grubs were a delicacy, but apparently they are, and they have an uncanny knack for smelling them out, digging them up and eating them, which is incredibly gross, but I read they're high in protein, so I guess it's ok.

We use to have moles in the yard, you could tell by the raised tracks through the yard. They can smell moles too, and they've caught them. One time, at night, Sammy caught something. Hubby and I chased them down, and I grabbed whatever it was out of his mouth but wasn't expecting something warm and fuzzy. I flung it, hitting hubby in the chest, Meeshka caught it on the ricchochet, then we had to chase her down and retrieve the now deceased mole from her.

This afternoon they had a big project. Digging to China is high on their agenda, and the hole they managed to dig in an hour's time was quite impressive. I have no idea what they were going after, but if it required a hole that big, I'm sure it was nothing short of a yeti. I had no problem with it, until they started fighting over who the hole belonged to. Loki was very adament that it was his, Meeshka begged to differ, Sam just wanted to look in the hole. Loki went after Sam, Meeshka claimed the hole, Loki came back to claim it, and chaos ensued. I had to shove Loki off of Meeshka, and wait for the neighbors to call the police after us with all the racket, screaming, snarling and yelling going on.

Sure, it looks ferocious, but not a drop of blood was spilled, not even a hair out of place, but I don't want them fighting over a dirt hole. They're now trying to suck up to me because I'm "disappointed" of them and ignoring them. They hate when I ignore them. "Hey, we're cute and fluffy, don't be mad at us".

I filled the hole up and made them come inside. After a half hour, whatever was out there made its escape and they're no longer interested in that hole. They'll start another one somewhere else tomorrow, I'm sure.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

This is Pathetic

Hubby wanted nice hangers for his suits (NO WIRE HANGERS.... EVER!), so off we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond, where we can actually walk through it to get to Starbucks without a problem, but if we actually need 1 thing, will exit the store with arms full.

The hanger selection is astounding. Who knew there were all types and styles of coat hangers. He found the ones he wanted that had the little bar for securing pants, and I turned around and saw the shelf that had little hanging hook things. Cool!

We developed a habit of walking in the door, up the stairs, turn to the desks and unload all of our crap, then drape our coats on the railing that keeps you from plumetting to your death down the stairs. With the weather being wacky (60 degrees, then 2 degrees, then 70 degrees, then snow, then rain), the railing is beginning to buckle from the variety of coats we've thrown on it.

What could be more perfect than a little rack you can hang on a door to put our coats on. I bought it, and a stool for the kitchen table (11 years in the house, no chairs in the kitchen, finally a place to sit while I guard the dogs from things cooking on the stove, instead of sitting on a counter top... yes the same counter top I prepare foods on... lunch anyone?)

We get home, I hang the hook thing on the door. The closet door. The closet door that is a mere foot away from where we drape our coats. The closet that has all of our coats in it. I then realize that we are incredibly lazy. We're capable of hanging our coats on hooks on the very closet door that contains our coats, but somehow are incapable of opening the closet door and hanging our coats IN the closet.