Sunday, December 04, 2005

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

And here are the things that piss me off:

Idiots that stop in front of grocery stores and park there while their spouses shop, so that people trying to load their groceries into their cars have no place to pull up. MORONS!

The malls are already jam packed, lines throughout stores, rude people... I'm so happy for the glad tidings of joy flowing through the malls. The annual excuse to buy crap. Um, how about appreciating people 365 days a year AND STOP PARKING IN FRONT OF STORES!


Just read a festive article about government fighting over what to call their trees, schools debating what songs to leave in or out, and lawsuits being filed to keep people from getting fired for saying "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays".

So, we're having a swing back now on the whole "Christmas" thing. 20 years ago we got rid of it, because it was apparently offensive to everyone that doesn't celebrate Christmas. Um, why don't those who don't celebrate Christmas do their own thing? Ok, sure there's all the gaudy decorations and lights and crap... but people can still do their own thing. But what about the government, what should they do to celebrate? Um, how about letting your employees do their own thing, and frankly you can save me some tax dollars by not putting up all the crazy blinky lights and blow up displays outside courthouses.

People are starting to do their own thing... and getting in trouble for it. Some person hung a santa up a tree by a noose. People are offended by it, want him to take it down. Um, perhaps your nativity scene offends him, but he hasn't said anything about it because you have the right to display what you want in your yard, so get your nose out of this guy's business and let him do what he wants.

Someone put a Santa laying face down in his yard with an arrow in his back and a big grinch on his roof with a bow and arrow. Once again, people are offended. Well, excuse me, but baby jesus (with the cracked plastic head, and sagging creche) really pisses me off, but I don't say anything as long as you aren't setting all that crap up in my yard.

So, if governments don't want to make people mad, instead of taking away or renaming their holiday stuff, they need to honestly celebrate ALL religions, include it in their whole spiel. I better see some bird seed, water, dirt, and a candle in a circle at the local courthouse if they do go all out.

Merry Bless the Earth and all that live on her (even the morons)
and have a very Happy Neo-Pagan New Year

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