Monday, December 26, 2005

Made it through another one

Ok, so we don't have to worry about whether to say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" anymore, I think its pretty smooth sailing on the whole "Happy New Year". At least I haven't heard if there was a problem with that one yet.

Has anyone come out offended by "new year"? Is there a religion that doesn't go by a traditional calendar? By "traditional" I mean the one sold in the millions at all the bookstores around June. I do know that the Government goes by a different fiscal year, are we to start celebrating that as well? Happy New Fiscal Year! Since the government is really big on Federal holidays, I'm sure they'd all be for another day off to celebrate. Its been my experience that they usually take a few days off before Thanksgiving and don't do anything until after Martin Luther King's birthday, so why not declare those three months as the official government holiday.

Today should also be designated as the "take all the crap back that you got for christmas day" day. There's no way I'm venturing to a mall or store today. I made that mistake a few years ago, hoping to score a cheap winter coat, only to find myself in a JC Penney among two woman actually fighting (pulling hair, screaming, kicking) over a marked down gown. That was lovely. Lucky for me the people in line decided to go watch the fight so I was able to sneak through the line, pay and escape unharmed and unarrested.

Its another rainy, but this time somewhat sunny day today, so we'll just hang out at home. Perhaps I'll celebrate by bagging up more crap that has been "handed down as heirlooms" and put it on the curb as a sacrificial offering to the garbage gods.

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