Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas in Maryland

What a lovely day today, Christmas in Maryland.
It poured ass cold rain all freakin day! Unbelievable. Miserable, crappy day. Ho, ho, ho.

We figured out what we ran out of that we had been trying to think of what it was we ran out of, and in order to brine the turkey for dinner... we needed salt.

Would you believe it, but no stores were open on Christmas day! Wow! Stores closed on a holiday? Who woulda thunk it! We did find a 7-11 that was open and bought enough salt to embalm a mummy with, and came home... in the pouring rain.

The dogs weren't at all pleased with the rain either. December: rain... what happened to that snow stuff? They pouted a lot, and got snarky because I wasn't about to go chase them in the yard in the rain, and frankly they'd go out, do their business and demand to be let back in again.

Turkey was tasty, gave the dogs an added bonus of raw meat in the dinner, so they're happy for a change (that will last 5 minutes), and its 7pm and I'm ready for bed.

The old dog has decided that I'm not allowed to sleep in anymore. He woos, and barks and carries on until I get up and go into the computer room and sit in my chair. He then throws himself down behind the chair and sleeps. If I try to get up and sneak back to bed... he wakes up, comes in and woos and barks until I get up again. I need to break him of this habit. Its killing me getting up so early in the morning on days when I should be able to sleep in.

Since getting dogs, I don't think I've ever slept in. Dogs are wonderful, but not if you really like to sleep in.
I should have napped today, I need to schedule one for tomorrow.

We did get some great robes from my in-laws. Very comfy, very very COMFY. This is a first, since their gifts are usually NOTHING that we'd want. As a matter of fact I spent a few hours yesterday tossing some of the crap they've sent us over the years. Finally, after 17 years of marriage, they actually got us a gift we'll use and like.

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