Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why aren't the news media helping?

I'm watching the news about the hurricane damage. It's horrible. Absolutely horrible.

I've read the reports about lack of communication, I've seen newscasters live reporting that people don't know what is going on, don't know where their loved ones are, don't know where to go, and can't read Web sites where people are literally opening up their homes to those who need it.

Then I realized... um... I'm watching a live report. Some guy is standing in the middle of this mess, talking on camera, communicating, has power, looks clean... WHY ISN'T HE HELPING???

How many satellite trucks are down there "reporting" this mess that can be taking down names, linking up people with homes, posting their information on Web sites so others can know they are alive? Why aren't they helping the Red Cross and other relief agencies communicate with the outside world?

Sure, we should know what is going on, but wouldn't it be MORE helpful if these puppet heads were HELPING instead of "reporting"? I could stand a few less reports if I knew their time was being taken up by posting names of survivors to Web sites, or directing survivors to shelters and help, or even telling people "look, this is what is being done".

Getting information out is vital to helping, but just standing there in your swank guchi wet suit is doing nothing but wasting space. Get your newscaster asses out there and start helping people by spreading information to THEM and meaningful information to US.


By the way, if anyone is looting anything other than food... shoot them. Anyone that grabs a tv in the middle of a disaster area, with bodies floating around is a waste of human flesh.

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