Monday, September 19, 2005

Going to the moon?

This morning I was treated to the perky newswoman who tried her best to look all depressed and sorrowful over the fact that she was reporting that we didn't have enough money to rebuild New Orleans (I like how its now JUST New Orleans, not most of the Gulf Coast) and help all of the displaced, refugee, evacuees, whatever the hell they're calling them now.

Oh, the horror, as one senator or congressman, or whatever high paying "public servant" was bemoaning that if we wait one more year on some senior prescription program, we would use that money to rebuild.

Nice, now we're telling old people to wait on their medicines for a year. NIIIICE.

The perky newswoman was able to regain her usual "perkiness" as she reported in the next story that NASA was going to spend oodles of money to go to the moon AGAIN.

Um, excuse me. I actually had to tivo that one back up. We're just bemoaning the fact that half of the Gulf coast was washed away and now old people can't get cheap medicine, but we're going to spend money to go to the freakin moon?

We've been there already. It's a dead rock. We took some cool pics, played a little golf up there, stole some rocks. Why do we have to go back to the moon?

We've got little tonka trucks with cameras crawling all over mars (remind me to rant later about the fact that they can get those things to work on Mars and outlive their expected life span, and yet I have to get an oil change every 3,000 miles), so wouldn't "going to the moon" be a step backward? Not to mention a HUGE waste of money?

Brain is bubbling again.

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