Thursday, August 11, 2005

Resealable Bags, Not So Much

I did the dance of happiness when manufacturers started putting their stuff in resealable bags. What a waste of money, you buy the thing, then you open the thing, then you have to put the thing in another bag so it doesn't go bad.

So, the first time I got something that screamed on the label " RESEALABLE BAG!", I did the dance of happiness... until I tried to open the bag.

Typically the "new" resealable bags come with a tear strip so small, you need tweezers to get ahold of it, and then invariably it doesn't rip right. You either end up with an opening the size of a needle point, or you rip right through the "reseaalable" part and end up stuffing it in another bag.

Another thing that pisses me off is when it's literally IMPOSSIBLE to line up the two sides just right to get the stupid thing to seal. You line up one side, pinch the bag and run it down the top and the one side is closed, the other side flips open. Repeat, now the closed side is open, other side is closed... shove it in another bag.

Cheese people actually caught a clue and started using the little zippy thing, thank you cheese people. I still have some issues with the initial tearing off of the strip, namely it's virtually impossible.

A lot of times I'll just use the 5 million little twisty ties that come with garbage bags to "reseal" the bag. Who uses the twisty ties on garbage bags? Totally worthless, just tie the stupid ends together.

Another pain in the butt are the new containers that you store upside down. No matter how hard you shake them before you open them up, like in the case of ketchup, the first bit of stuff that comes out is all water. You end up with a water logged slightly red tinged bun. The relish is most disgusting of all.

While it's nice that I no longer have to manually stuff a fork in the container, which has always been too strenuous for me lo these many years, the upside down containers don't contain as much stuff as the normal containers... AND COST MORE! I'm paying more so I don't have to stick a knife in a container. Still have to dirty a knife to spread the glop (and watery crap) over my bun, so its not saving me any time in the dishwashing department. Takes the same amount of time, so there's no benefit there.

What about coleslaw? At my grocery store, you can buy a bag of shredded cabbage (aka coleslaw), but you can't buy a bottle of coleslaw dressing. What's up with that? So, I save by not having to buy a head of cabbage and slice it up, but I still have to buy all the slaw ingredients and make the dressing... niiiice.

So, in a nutshell, if its marketed to save you time, and be more convenient, it'll cost you more and end up being a pain in the butt, so don't bother.

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Anonymous said...

The one grocery store where we live gives you the deli meat and cheese in a resealable bag, but it isn't our favorite because typically the prices for most things are higher, and the selection, not so good. The store we do like to go to more puts the deli stuff in a plain plastic bag that they fold the opening over, then put the generated price label over the flap to hold it shut. Well, of course when you get home and open the bugger, it rips the bag putting a large hole in it.