Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Weird Day

I was sitting in an all day ghastly meeting today, had a chance to check my gmail and found one from my friend V. She had been listening to the "Don and Mike" show on monday and it was announced that Don's wife, Freda, was killed in an automobile crash over the weekend. She said her preggers hormones made her cry like a baby.

I don't have preggers hormones, but felt the exact same way. Hubby and I have listened to Don and Mike forever, especially when we commuted down to VA for our jobs. She seemed like a friend, listening to their son Bart grow up, listening to them argue. I saw her picture for the first time today, nothing like I expected at all. One of the things you could tell about them, no matter how hard they argued, was how much they loved each other. This is devastating, in that it was so unexpected, and such a stupid way for her to die.

On top of my brain melting in the all day meeting, and feeling horrible about Freda's death, I get home and Sam and Loki had a quick, usual tiff about who was going to smell the fence since the neighbor dog was on the other side. A quick yapping, whirling dervish moment (like many others), and then Loki comes slinking over to me. Great, I think, Sam has nailed him again and we'll have to trot off to the Vet ER again. Oh no... this time Loki nabbed Sam right in the ear. He was slinking to me with that "really, I didn't mean to do that, the ear got into my mouth somehow, I didn't mean to bite down". Sam is totally oblivious and happy, came trotting over to me, ear bleeding.

Took him inside, it's a pretty nasty ear gash, but as ears go, not much you can do for it. They typically don't stitch up ears, they're too flimsy, just flaps of skin over cartlege, so I stopped the bleeding (ears bleed a lot too), "glued" the parts together with some neosporin (which Loki tries to lick off in apology) and we'll just keep an eye on it. He seems no worse for wear, totally oblivious to it, so I'm hoping he'll heal just nicely and we can go about our business as normal.

I'll be stuck in another meeting half a day tomorrow, then I'll come home and be with them. I really need to get them back into a routine again. They've all been terribly cranky what with the deck build, then the drain incident, then the 2nd drain incident. I'm sure they just want their yard back and their routine back again.

It doesn't help that Saturday we're having a BBQ and people are bringing (good lord) children to our house. I want this saturady to be over right now. The poor pups are getting locked up because I think that's a lot more fair than trying to keep them from jumping on kids, or worse yet, have some moron let them out by mistake.

Poor confused pups.

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