Sunday, July 24, 2005

We Survive the BBQ

The next time we have a barbecue, I think we'll start around 5pm, because at 3pm it's really hot and sunny on the deck.

After doing some last minute running around for some last minute stuff we forget, we got home in time to do the prep work. Everyone that was invited showed up, everyone seemed to have a good time despite the heat, and the gate at the bottom of the deck stairs held just fine and the dogs didn't race up for some chaos and husky greetings.

There were about 6 kids there, 2 of which were babies. I was worried that the older kids would be bored, but they entertained themselves by trying to pet the dogs, who were a little angry that they couldn't join the festivities. The older kids kept wanting to get in the yard to play with the dogs, but I kept an eye on them and told them not to. Yeah, the pups are all cute and fluffy behind a gate, but it would be like 60lb pirahnas had that gate opened. Fur flying, jumping and kissing going on, small children knocked to the ground for a flurry of husky love. No thanks.

I felt somewhat bad that my house is not child friendly, advising a parent that they really should sterilize the furry pacifier that fell to the floor. We also really don't have any place to lay a child down on where fur wouldn't be an issue in the whole diaper changing process.

But then again, since I rarely have kids in the house, there's no reason for me to maintain a "sterile" room. The closest would be the guest room, but that's only when someone we expect is coming. It doesn't stay "sterile" very long.

So, overall it was a good time (hopefully had by all), but I'm glad its over with.

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