Saturday, July 02, 2005

Saturday, So Far (9:45am)

Not only did I forget to tell Meeshka that today was saturday before bed last night, but I also forgot to turn off the dreaded alarm.

Dutifully at 5:30am, she tries to rake me out of bed. Hubby took them out, then instead of jumping up and fixing their breakfast as I normally do, I went back to sleep. They are so mad at me right now.

Our "early" start isn't happening. It's almost 10am, I'm on my second cup of coffee and hubby is still sound asleep (despite my reminders). Apparently pollen is high, since I sneeze every 5 minutes and can't breath out of my nose. This might be a blessing, since today we'll be finishing up the stinky dig and bury of the drain pipe, then moving on to the pile of dirt (which looks much bigger than past piles of dirt).

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