Saturday, July 02, 2005

Saturday (3:06pm) ugh

We're done for the day. We both feel like crap, so we managed to dig the trench for the drain pipe, dig a hole for the drain pipe to drain to, fill the hole with rocks, and bury the drain pipe.

We let the dogs loose after that. They found some of the nasty cardboard from the 1st set of deck holes that were dug and line with. Sam decided it was such a tasty treat that he wasn't going to give it to us. He also found what looks suspiciously like a human femur bone. That was difficult getting out of his mouth.

Had some posturing between him and Loki for a bit, but they're inside now being buttheads.

After we stop sweating, we're going to go out to eat (too exhausted to grill tonight), then go see War of the Worlds (hopefully my hatred for Tom Cruise won't ruin the flick).

Tomorrow we start on the fill dirt... woohoo.

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