Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Just Because She Can

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After working all weekend to get the next level of back yard done (hauling 10 yards of top soil into the back yard, raking it smooth, squishing it with the roller, and planting grass seed), we put up the barrier to keep the dogs from digging, playing, cavorting, and pretty much trashing all the work we did.

Meeshka made it priority one to find a way into the barrier. It was there keeping her out, so she must get in there to see what it was we were keeping from her.

It took her all of 5 seconds to figure out a way to get in. She sauntered around, looking all puffy and proud. She taunted the other dogs "look at me, I'm where I'm not suppose to be". She raised a middle toe at us "Try to keep me out".

She made herself at home. I made the mistake of showing her the board entrance I put up when I let her back out. After that, she would just simply swipe the board away and saunter back in whenever she wanted.

The boys (Sam and Loki) respected the barrier (peed on it to show their disgust) until Meeshka showed them the way in. After that, it was a free for all in the barrier.

When they all began leaping over the barrier, hubby had enough. "Take it down before they impale themselves".

So, they won, down it went. Now they want nothing to do with that area.

Huskies 1, Humans 0

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