Sunday, July 03, 2005

It Figures

July 3rd. We've spent all day hauling top soil into our back yard. We wanted grilled burgers... the propane ran out.


So tomorrow (the 4th of July) we'll have to go in search of a place that's open and sells propane. If not, guess we'll have to call our friend and tell him not to come over unless he brings a tank of propane.

This throws our entire schedule off for tomorrow. We have half of a pile of top soil left to haul into the backyard (and frankly, we're not too sure where we want to put it at this point), then we have to go in search of propane.

It means an early morning of work for us because I'm not hauling top soil after work this week.

BTW: burgers cooked on the stove suck after grilling for almost a month.

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