Saturday, July 30, 2005

How about this?

After digging up the cardboard left by the deck crew... the dogs found other places where there is cardboard. Sigh.

Went out today and bought chicken wire and stakes. Tomorrow I'm going to chicken wire the entire area under the deck, put a thin layer of dirt over it, and if they find a way to dig the cardboard out... then they can freakin have it.

This is just a general rant of sorts now. What bonehead designed the shuttle? Is this thing made of styrofoam or something? A window cover falls off and breaks it, foam insulation falls on it at lift off and they thing crumbles, and what the hell are high tech astronauts doing toting CAULK GUNS around in space to repair this thing? I'm just guessing that someone from NASA didn't run out to home depot and buy one, I'm sure they're "special" caulk guns that cost my ass a zillion dollars in taxes.

TWO YEARS they studied, plotted, and planned and still crap falls off that thing, not to mention fuel gauges not working. Good lord people! What about a little duct tape next? Gorilla Glue claims to be the strongest, send the astronauts up with a tube or two of that stuff.

I'm also getting sick of stupid excuses for stupid people. Some woman boots her 4 year old out of the car on 495 and leaves him (hitting him as he tried to get back in), later gets into an accident (because she was tired), and someone actually tried to excuse that behavior. "oh, she was driving all the way from New Jersey, so she must have just have been tired"... TIRED? You boot your kid out on a freakin highway because you're tired? Seems logical to me, and totally excusable. Let her go, give her back her kid and let her get tired and kill some people later on, I'm sure she'll have a better excuse for that.

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