Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Here's a banking rant

Ok, so hubby and I have a joint checking account at a credit union. The only problem with that is that its a credit union, and in credit union rules, even though I'm a joint owner of the account, I have no privileges. When it came time for me to direct deposit my paychecks into the account, they said "oh no, you can't do that, you aren't the primary member, you have to open up your own checking account, then we can transfer the money into hubby's checking account".

Huh? That's stupid, but they weren't budging, so I had to open a checking and savings account, then fill out paperwork to have my checks deposited into my account, then transferred into hubby's (our) account.

Everything is fine, until we decide to use my worthless checking account for e-bay and paypal. We input the routing number and checking account number in, and it doesn't go through. So I try to log into home banking, but I don't have a PIN for that. I GO (physically GO) to the bank and tell them I need a password, and they tell me to call the customer service number. Um, I'm here, help me now. No, you have to call the customer service number.

I read the instructions for getting my PIN reset. It says that AFTER I prove I am who I am (on the phone), they will reset my PIN to my phone banking PIN.... EXCEPT I NEVER GOT A PHONE BANKING PIN!!!! They mention that if I don't remember my phone banking PIN, that maybe (MAYBE) the rep can help me out.

A.) I WAS STANDING IN THE BANK WITH ID, and they tell me to call and PROVE who I am over the phone?

B.) I can just see this conversation now, they asking me a bunch of questions that I don't know, or was never given the answers to when I opened the account, they cancel my account because they think I'm some identity thief and my paychecks go boing, boing.

Such a pain, on top of everything else.

Oh, it's thundering, guess who won't get any sleep tonight thanks to stressed out Meeshka!

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