Saturday, July 16, 2005

Enough of the storms already!

We're on our third major storm of the day/night.
We cancelled our barbecue bash because of the crappy weather, had a HUGE downpour that lasted about an hour and made the yard into mud (can't wait for grass to grow). Then we had another one that knocked our power out for a few seconds, causing us to do the "shut down the computer dash" throughout the house.

Around 3pm (the time we were going to have the barbecue) we took off for Costco and (as usual) spent waaaay too much on more stuff to grill. Stopped for the obligatory latte, then got home to find... no power. None at all, and from the UPS lack of beeping, it had been off probably about the time we walked out the door two hours ago. Lovely

As we were carrying the food inside, the power came back on (thankfully), but then we got hit by another major storm.

7pm rolls around, the sun comes out, QUICK fire up the grill! We had 24 brats to cook because we had thawed them for the barbecue and if we didn't bad brats, BAAAAD brats.

I made potato salad, we satueed some saurkraut and onions in beer, grilled 24 brats and around 9pm, we each had a brat... 22 to go.

So, it's getting late, we're both tired, and what happens... another storm. Lightening and thunder up the ying, rain, blah, blah, blah, and the moment we try to go to sleep, Meeshka will want us to get out of bed because of the thunder... sigh.

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