Saturday, July 16, 2005

Drainage Woes Continue

50 bags of drainage rock later, hubby and I dug the pit, carefully filled the pit and the trench with drainage rock, stepped back to admire our work and sunk ankle deep in quicksand.

Apparently the T pipe part is still leaking or SOMETHING, we don't quite know what at this point. Either the sand/crap that we used to fill the T pipe part wasn't packed down enough and in the other day's downpour it turned into goo, or the T pipe part is leaking and we have a problem.

I swear, I'm about to rip the downspout out of the front and just lay a pipe into the street and do the same for the back and leave it like that.

At least the dogs don't have a huge hole to play and lounge in any more, even though they're still on the hunt for nasty wet cardboard bits. Sam has found a spot where one of the holes had been, and is in the process of trying to dig to China to get the stuff.

Some of the "home improvement" books we got say if you have a wet spot in your yard, plant water thirsty plants there. Um, our spot happens to be right in front of the gate, which defeats the entire purpose of having a gate, therefore... NO. I guess we could plant these water hungry plants and bushes near the gate entrance and hope they suck the water from the front of the gate entrance (I doubt that).

In general, our yard is a mud pit at this point, from all the rain we've had, then we thought we turned the sprinkler off (didn't), all the digging and wheelbarrowing... it's a mess. Perhaps we're just destined to have a mooshy side yard. I would think that grass would grow nicely in that spot now, what with all the water. Maybe that will help, but for a bit... we give up. We'll need to level that part to help water run off, and from there, save up money and have a professional come out and deal with it. sigh.

Time to mow the yard for the barbecue we're having today (woohoo).

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