Sunday, July 10, 2005

Drain Repair

Drain Repair
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During the heavy rains we had with Cindy, I noticed that our downspout drain was leaking (yes, the one we just put in).

It was very odd, as if water was flowing from the front yard into the back yard. Very odd.

So on Saturday I started to dig, and found that the morons that did the original drainage ditch had sunk a pipe from the front downspout into the back yard, connected the back downspout to it and continued the drainage pipe all the way into the back yard. This was, of course, the pipe the deck crew had cut into when they dug the footer to the deck.

Lovely! No wonder the back side of the yard is a swamp. When I dug up the T junk, water started pouring out of it. Even lovelier.

So, this weekend, hubby and I dug up the pipe we installed two weeks ago, redug a new trench for the new pipe, got a new T connector, and redid the whole thing.

We also found that instead of digging a pit they way you're suppose to, they just put a loooooong bunch of plastic at the end of the pipe... nice, another reason why that part of the yard was always a swamp.

Around 6pm today we finally filled in the pipe part, but have to order rocks and stuff for the pit. We barriered that part off from the dogs, and of course, Meeshka found her way in quickly and gave us the finger as she snorfled the mud.

The other pups are fighting over the cardboard forms that the deck people just left in the holes and filled in. Apparently as they decay, they are quite tasty, as the pups spend a lot of time digging for bits, eating them, or fighting over them. Lovely.

It's been a lovely weekend, and this week will be a lovely week at work, what with 800 meetings and junk to do.

BTW: Anne's Dairy Cream, although we've been told serve the BEST hot dogs in Maryland... yeah, it sucks, I'm sorry, those deep fried bologna rolls are not hot dogs.

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