Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Battle Continues

I really wish I had told the deck people to pull up those stupid concrete molds they stuck in the ground to keep the holes from collapsing on those first set of holes they dug.

I mean, come on, who would have thought that the dogs would actually sniff them through the dirt, dig down to them and actually EAT the soggy, nasty cardboard? They're slowling degrading (as they should) but in the meantime, the dogs are going after them like its a delicacy or something.

There are about 4 spots where those things are. During the great drainage pipe dig (ok digs, there were multiple digs) hubby and I ripped through a few of them and tore out as much as we could, but a lot of them remain, and the dogs just keep trying to dig them up.

They hover in that area, waiting for me to turn away or get distracted, then go to town trying to dig down to them. I chase them off, but they migrate back. "I'm not doing anything, I'm just slowly walking around in this area".

Today I went to Lowes and got 6 paver stones, the big ones. They're pretty cheap actually, but heavy. Toted them home and placed them over the tasty concrete spots.

The dogs came out, sniffed a bit, pawed a bit (with me reminding them not to paw), then seemed to give up. I'm not stupid, I know they're just pretending that I've beaten them. They're trying to let me think that their little treats are now beyond their reach and I'll stop watching them like a hawk. The moment my back is turned, there's going to be some digging going on, even if they have to tunnel to the area.

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