Sunday, June 26, 2005

Will It Work?

Ok, I'm giving my palm pilot one last shot, and even though I set up the big mondo dayplanner to use... I'm having second thoughts again (yes, again), because it is so honking huge.

I finally got the guts to install the palm desktop crap onto the Powerbook, and then figured out how to get it to sync with iCal and my mac address book. At least now, if I can't have the palm with me, but if I have internet connectivity, I can access everything from the web.

It works pretty nice, although the to do list is kinda clunky. I really did like my flexi soft small dayplanner binder, so... ok, dammit, I'm going back. Yeah, that lasted all of three days. I just can't see carrying that damn thing around with me everywhere I go. What a pain.

Ok, let me go get the small dayplanner back out, put the big one away (I do like writing in it, maybe I'll go back to journalling in that again, that'll last a week too). Sigh. I'll never be happy, never ever ever.

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