Sunday, June 12, 2005

"We're on our way to deliver your bath tub"

That's the call we got from Lowes at 9am this morning.
Bath tub? No, you're suppose to be delivering our grill.
Oh, yeah, right... a grill... ok, it'll be there soon.

Noon rolls around, we've moved almost all of the fill dirt into the back yard, and have created trenches with rock in them for drainage.

3pm rolls around and one of hubby's friends stops by to help with the rest of the dirt. I call Lowes. The guy that finally answers says "I don't know where the truck is, so it'll get delivered in a few hours probably". I love that certainty, love that exact science of delivery times. Soon, and a few hours.

4pm rolls around, we're done, cleaned up the back yard, and have let the dogs out to stretch their legs a bit. We had planned on going to Outback for tasty foods when we got done, but here we are, waiting around for the grill delivery. Just as we're about to give up our plans for tasty foods, I hear the air brakes of a large truck. It's here.

While I stood out back guarding the barrier from the ever nosy Gazelle Meeshka, they loaded the grill into the house. Actually had to carry it with straps because there was no place to grab and carry it. But, it's here, the grill is actually here, and now sitting in our living room. It looks much smaller in the house for some reason.

We did the dance of grill happiness, then went to Outback and ate way too much, then stopped for tasty ice cream on the way home.

We're about to go to bed, we're very tired, and full, and tired, and its Monday tomorrow. The weekend went way too fast.

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