Saturday, June 04, 2005

Loki Cushy Hoarder and The Grill Saga Continues

Loki Cushy Hoarder
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This morning Loki latched onto a pair of my shorts to use as a pillow. He's a cushy hoarder in recovery. He used to drag pillows, towels, clothes, socks, you name it into a pile every morning and nap on it. We've gotten him down to one item per day, although it was handy at times because he would "gather" the laundry for me.

The Grill Saga Continues

Ok, so the Lowes person didn't call me back today (what a shock) to let me know what she found out about our grill. We drove there (how convenient), got ahold of the manager (the woman that I called yesterday), and she just THEN starts to look into it again.

No luck on the computer at all, so she writes the model number down and tells a salesguy to go see if there are any in stock, and if not, then if any higher end model is in stock. We didn't have the heart to tell her that we bought the highest end model they had in the store.

All they had left was a store model, which she assured us was put together only two days ago. She told us to go check it out, and if it was acceptable to us, they would deliver that one.

We go and look at it. Everything seemed fine, except the smoke box was missing. The salesguy goes off to look for the smoke box, and while we stood there waiting, another salesman sauntered up and asked if we had any questions. Um... where's the grill we bought?

We explain (the short version) and ask him if he knows where the smoker box for the floor model is. He said that what usually happens is that if one of them is damaged, they'll take the ones out of the floor display to use, yea and verily there was no spares.

ANOTHER salesguy comes up to us (having been handed off by the first salesguy) and pronounces that the floor model was the last one, take it or leave it. Hubby steps in front of me, as I have that "look", just as the first salesguy comes walking down the aisle with OUR grill. It had been in the back room all this time without a tag on it.

Ok, you mean to tell me that Manager type didn't even bother to LOOK in the back for it? All this time she's looking for it on a computer, and all she had to do was WALK to the back and see it?

Ugh. Whatever, we hugged the grill. They asked us to step over to Customer Service again, but we weren't leaving the grill unguarded, so we drug it along with us.

Manager type does some stuff on the cash register, finally hands us like 4 slips of reciepts and explains that she voided out the one for the credit card, made a new one for cash and took off the delivery and assembly charge, but it all added up to the same amount and we should bow down and thank her because now if we had a problem with the grill we'd get cash back instead of a store credit.

Huh? Ok, three visits to the store to schedule the grill delivery, fix what they messed up, and we get NOTHING for our trouble except having it delivered FINALLY on next Sunday? What, no free grill tool kit? No scraper? No handy dandy grill thing? Not even a paint stirrer? NOTHING? We're suppose to dance out of the store because if the grill is messed up we can get cash instead of credit on our credit card?

Not a happy Lowes customer at all right now. A token of apology, a 30 buck gift card, anything... but no. All that struggle, pain and suffering, and all we got was what we bought.

Seems a bit unfair to me. What would compel me to even try to have anything delivered from that store again. For that matter, every time I've tried the in-store purchase thing, I've ended up walking back to the shelf and picking it up and standing in line at customer service. That's convenient.

I'm very glad I cancelled the Lowes card when we paid them off. I was going to keep it for emergencies, but holy crap, if it takes three visits and three deliveries to get whatever it is I bought, I'll just do without if something breaks at this point.

There is no "service" in customer service any more.

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