Thursday, June 09, 2005

The left side of the deck

The left side of the deck
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The decking is on!!!!

This is the left side of the deck, you can sorta see the bump out and the platform where the stairs will be.

The thing is just too huge to photograph, I'll post the exact measurements one of these days. You can click on the pic and see the others in flickr if you want.

The guys were here until 5pm working on it, and they said that barring bad weather, they hoped to get it done tomorrow, but would probably work the weekend until it was done... so cool!!

That means IF the grill gets delivered on Sunday, we may be able to actually try it out! YUMMY!

oh, there is that whole putting the lawn furniture together thing, but hell, it'll all be worth it when I'm sitting out on the deck with my powerbook and blogging from the comfort of a comfy deck chair :)

Happy dance, happy dance!

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