Friday, June 03, 2005

Deck Furniture Delivery

Deck Furniture
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So, the continuing saga of woe.

This morning our deck salesperson calls to tell us that he's no longer with the company. Lovely. On top of having to start over, now the salespeople are leaving. It bodes well, doesn't it?

Then Lowes calls to say they are on their way with our deck furniture and grill. The above picture is of the deck furniture, but what is missing?

Why yes, there is no grill. They didn't have one on their truck, and there wasn't one listed on the list of things they had. So, I call Lowes. Two people later, I'm trasferred to a phone that rings for five minutes straight. Call back, get another person who transfers me to another person who takes my number and promises to look into it and call me back.

An hour later, I call again and ask for that person. I'm being very nice about this whole thing. Things have now gone from the surreal, to the absolute ridiculous at this point. Deck partially built, then tore down, torrential downpours, grill AWOL.

The person I talk to is very nice, and very happy that I'm not the screaming banshee on the outside that I actually am on the inside. It is a mystery. The grill, although listed in the stuff that we bought, is nowhere to be found. I say check the house of the first guy that tried to deliver it and see if he's not firing it up to have some burgers.

So, I'm told that she will call me tomorrow once she's talked to someone else who apparently holds the knowledge of all grills lost in limbo. I hold out very little hope of ever getting it at this point.

I'm glad we postponed the delivery of top soil again because of the rain, because next week was looking to be relaxing and productive for me. Now I have to (once again) deal with a grill delivery, MAYBE the deck will be done, and a load of fill dirt.

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