Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dayplanner mood

I've pretty much had it with my palm pilot. About a month ago, the on/off switch broke, so I have to hit a button to turn it on, which means if I want to go someplace specific, I have to hit the task button, then navigate to where I want to go. This is getting annoying, especially when I'm looking at something, and it turns off, it means I have to hit the task button, navigate back to where I was.

I found a program that'll turn it off with a stylus stroke, but one of the stylus strokes is near the down button, and I end up shutting it off when I actually want to scroll down, then I have to turn it on and navigate back to where I was.

On top of which, I have to install the palm software on the Powerbook (since I don't use the crappy HP anymore), and I'm sure that'll be an easy feat to get it to work since Palm sucks.

I'm working a task where I can't take it with me at the client site, which means all of my info is trapped where I'm not, so that's inconvenient. Either I keep all of my info on the palm, or on my Powerbook, or I input it into the palm, then into the Powerbook, and I'll spend most of my nights transferring information all the time. Very inconvenient.

So, I'm relying more on my dayplanner. I love my current dayplanner, except for some minor inconveniences, such as the size. Can't write a lot in it, limited space. I write a LOT. I've always been a writer, so having limited space to write is annoying. The lines are too close together, I'm a BIG writer, I don't like everything squished. It's not normal paper sized, so it isn't like I can print out my calendars and to do lists from the Powerbook and slap them in the dayplanner.

I've been contemplated on going back to my "monarch" sized dayplanner (if I can find it). The problem with the "monarch" dayplanner is that its whopping big. One more big thing for me to carry around. It's not like I go a lot of places, it's just that it's very big, but the paper has wider spaced lines, I can print stuff out and slap it in there... sigh.

Yes, I'm a bit neurotic and never happy with stuff because there's always "something" inconvenient about it. I would like to admit now that although I've always considered myself low maintenance, I'm actually high maintenance. I'd like to thank my "career advocate" for pointing that out to me on a trip to Inconvenience-ville... Myrtle Beach when he suffered through a business trip with me and we went to CVS where I bought pens... even though I brought a trailer load of them with me. I am high maintenance.

Guess I'll go dig through some boxes and look for the HUGE dayplanner now, might as well get that disappointment over with.

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