Saturday, June 18, 2005

20050617 Back Door Railing

20050617 Back Door Railing
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This is the new back door railing.

The old one was connected to NOTHING. Ok, it had some nails holding it in place, but you could pretty much just lift it up and remove it. Needless to say, I can't count the times that we forgot and leaned on it, only to almost tumble onto the concrete below.

Funny thing now is that we avoid even touching this one. We're so use to the old one leaning, falling apart and nearly killing us, that last night hubby lost his balance and windmilled and did just about everything NOT to lean on this one.

It's very sturdy. The crew cut into one of the stairs, sunk a support, concreted it and even put a support board at one end. The other end is bolted into the house and another support is bolted into one of the deck supports. It won't be going anywhere soon.

The pups are exhausted right now. They spent some time on the deck, then had a good run in the yard. It's a lot more exercise than they've gotten in a month of the construction. It's good to see them tired and napping again instead of pacing and full of energy.

Hubby and are also getting a lot more sun, we're actually starting to tan a bit, which after 11 years of hiding in the house is a miracle. That pasty complextion was actually getting tiresome anyway.

This morning we hit a Pennsylvania Dutch store that had a wonderful meat counter and other goodies. We got some steaks for tomorrow and baby back ribs for monday. Today hubby grilled some more brats in a beer, onion, and saurkraut metal container. We're snacking on that as the day goes on. Expecting some friends in a few hours to go see Lewis Black at the Lyric, which should be fun.

Tomorrow is yard work day. We've got so much crap piling up out back, limbs and junk. We also have to prep the dirt and throw out some grass seed on the front yard where the fill dirt was, after I mow it, of course.

Ok, enough rambling.

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