Tuesday, June 14, 2005

20050614 Where's my Gate?

20050614 Where's my Gate?
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Since the special nail gun broke, they decided to replace the fence and gate. We contracted to even out a part of our fence, and put in a better, more secure gate (with a locking handle, as the old one didn't have that). We also wanted the gate to be wider so we could fit a riding lawn mower through it. They got as far as doing the sides, and then quit for the day. They were nice enough to put the lattice up to block the opening, but since they aren't husky savvy, had no idea that something that delicate would be shredded by the beasts in no time, and we'd be hauling down the street after them.

We're stuck leash walking them until the gate is up. In the heat. Humidity... 4 huskies. This is fun.

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