Friday, June 10, 2005

20050610 Update

No pictures today... because no deck people showed up. harumpf. They mentioned something about working this weekend, but they also said "See ya tomorrow" on Thursday. Who knows. It was 900 degrees out, with a mere 584% humidity, so its not like I blame them, but I don't see myself going "gosh it's hot, I'll stay home from work today."

The fill dirt was delivered, and we're running out of spots to park the trucks. Driveway is taken up with decking and deck support materials, front yard where I've been parking the RAV is now filled with a pile of top soil. Our front yard looks like a construction zone, I'm sure the neighbors love that.

The tree guy came. Apparently the ADC map people were smoking crack when they wrote their latest addition of our area. They have our street waaaay down the street, not where it actually is. I can't count the times I've had to tell people, "no, not there, turn around and come back". I've never heard of a street called "Jason's Landing", but one of these days I'll go visit if I can find it.

The good news is that the trees are relatively healthy, they've just gotten so big and dense that they're fighting for sunlight, so the inner branches are dying. All we have to do is have them pruned, and one tree needs to be cabled, because there are two trees growing out of one spot and there's a good chance one will split and fall over. He gave us a rough estimate of $1,600 to do all 5 trees. CHA CHING!

Which isn't a problem, except... I HATE QUICKEN!

Ever since I converted the data from Windows to Mac, it's told me that my balance is off, so now I'm not exactly sure what my balance is. It seems to match somewhat with what the bank says at the time, but it's maddening. I reconcile and it says that everything matches, but I'm like a grand off somewhere. How could that be? A grand? So I tried to go back and re-reconcile, but that's a huge pain. You can't globally unreconcile stuff, you have to do it one at a time, then it asks you "are you sure?" duh. Then I re-reconciled from a few months back, now it says I'm THREE GRAND off. ARGH!!! Did something get botched in the conversion? Is it insane? Who knows!!! So I have to deal with that this weekend. I'm about ready to just go back to pencil and check book register at this point. Annoying piece of crap software.

Hubby gets home around 5'ish, and since no deck work, we decide we have time to throw down some top soil to raise up the part where the stairs will go (which was the original purpose of this whole fill dirt fiasco). We change and go out (remember, it's now 938 degrees, with 6979% humidity and mosquitos as big as eagles).

6,000 wheelbarrows full later... we barely make an inch of new dirt (at least that's what hubby thinks), and it's getting dark so we give up. I can barely lift my arms.

Meeshka has discovered that if she gets enough speed going, she can propel her bulk over the 4 foot plastic fence. Earlier in the week she tried the steamroll through the fencing, but that was apparently painful. Now she gives us that look (and would extend her middle finger if she could), then races toward the fence and heaves herself over. Once over, she does the happy husky dance of "f you", then sniffs and regales in the glory, as the other dogs complain how unfair it is. Hubby carried her back the first time. The look on her face was priceless, but he didn't think it was funny when I asked him to just hold her 60lb bulk until I ran up and got the camera. The second time I went to that side and told her to get her Shmoo butt inside, which she did, grinning the whole way.

Hubby announced that from now on, she only goes out on a leash. That'll last all of the first time they need to go out and I hold up the leash for him to walk her. sigh.

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