Wednesday, June 08, 2005

20050608 Decking

20050608 Decking
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No, it wasn't a bad thing that happened (for a change), the decking arrived around 4:30pm today (yipeee). One board was broken, so they're bringing a replacement board tomorrow, but isn't it PRETTY!

It's Weatherbest "Western Redwood", very pretty!
Doesn't seem like enough to cover the deck, but I'm spacially challenged, so what do I know.

Got a call from the tree trimming place this afternoon, he's coming out to tell me whether our trees are terminal and need to be cut down. I have a sneaking suspicion that at least one will have to come down. I was taking a closer look at it today and except for a few branches near the top, it looks pretty dead. It's also leaning toward the house. The LAST thing I want is to get the deck done and have a stupid tree fall on it.

Our side yard (I'll snap a pic and post it if I don't run out of upload space on Flickr) is a mud pit from Monday's rain storm. We still have topsoil coming in on friday, so some of that may get used to elevate the yard some more in that area.

Since the crew member was sick and the decking didn't get here until later, our crew chief said he'd probably finish up monday. That would be a good thing if he did the stairs last and on Monday because that would give us time to move the topsoil to where the stairs would be to raise it up a bit and make it more level. We plan on raising the whole front of the yard, but after the stairs are put in, that means wherever the stairs are, that's where they'll be (hard to explain).

So, making some progress, got the decking (always a good sign), Topsoil coming Friday, Tree guy coming friday to tell me I have to sell a kidney or else a tree will smite our new deck, Grill coming Sunday (I'll believe that when I see it), and maybe, just maybe we'll have barbecue central next weekend :)

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