Tuesday, June 07, 2005

20050606 Holes

20050606 Holes
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so, here is the deck progress as of yesterday.

They dug new holes and poured concrete into them, and that's about all they could do until the concrete set.

So, since they dug new holes, invariably, we had a horrible thunder/lightening storm. Meeshka was her usual frantic self, clawing us, trying to crawl under us each time a thunderclap went off.

The weather alarm went off and pronounced 70mph winds with the storm (lovely), and they didn't mention the buckets of rain that would come with those winds.

Hubby checked the back and pronounced that we were going to "collapse". Um, the whole house? He was afraid that with all the water rushing through the bottom of our back porch entryway, the retaining wall was all but gone (its a lot sturdier than he thinks). He also announced that so much water was running in, that the drain wasn't keeping up with it.

We have a drain cover, which pretty much does that... cover the drain hole. In 11 years I've just learned to pull it off and let the water run in, so I went out to do that and found water seeping quickly in under our back door. AAAH, stop it before it gets to the water detector!!!

I threw some dirty towels on the water, swung open the door (as lightening flashed close by), shoved my hand in the water and pulled the drain cover off, and the level immediately started to recede (whew). Of course now water was gushing into the sump hole faster than the sump could dump it out, but hey, progress.

Hours later, and by now my arm looks like hamburger from Meeshka freaking out and clawing me, the rain finally stopped, the sump caught up, and life was good again... except it continued to thunder throughout the night, which Meeshka woke us up to announce.

We didn't get a lot of sleep.

First thing in the morning, the first thing the deck guys said when they saw the carnage was "oh my gawd."

I agree.

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