Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Why is this another Screaming Banshee day?

Ok, so the deck guys ripped off our old deck (yipee), and then there was a lull in the activity. (whew).

I went out and mowed the front lawn because if a County inspector was coming to look at the footings soon, it wouldn't be wise to leave the waist high grass the way it was. Don't want to tempt fate. When I say waist high, I mean about waist high.

It was high enough that an itty bitty tiny bunny thought it was a good place to hide. It came shooting out of the side of the lawnmower (so I thought), then scrambled onto our porch all scared. I went and caught it, hoping not to find it too mangled. It appeared unharmed, so looking around, I didn't see any good places for it in our yard, and heaven forbid it would venture into the back yard (see previous posts about how the pups treat guests). So, the neighbors across the street has lots of good plants and shrubbery to hide in, so I relocated the little bunny over there, where he is probably eating all of the shrubbery now.

Lawn mowed, and just enough time to relax for 5 minutes before hubby came to get me, and we took off for Lowes. I had to pick up the faucets for Friday's plumbing visit. I ordered them on line, but having been burned by Lowes store pick up before, I had my doubts. We were also going to go buy and schedule the delivery of the HUGE grill, the deck furniture and other assorted fun and expensive stuff.

Got to Lowes, they were out of the grill. UGH! Ryan, the Lowes guy that helped us, went beyond the call of duty, ordered one to be delivered from Glen Burnie, to be delivered to our house on the 27th with the rest of the stuff. Ok, however they want to do it, but the grill will be trucked from Glen Burnie, past our house to the Lowes in Laurel, then back to our house. Like I said, whatever they want to do.

As I'm standing in the store waiting for Ryan to work his magic, I get a cell call. It's Lowes telling me that my stuff that I ordered on line was ready. Had a good laugh at that when I informed the woman that I was standing in the store.

Got everything ordered and ready, went to customer service and... of course they didn't have my stuff sitting there waiting, we had to go back to the plumbing department and get it... ourselves. I have to ask what good is it to order it online if I have to go back and get it. We happened to get the last shower faucet one that we needed. I can't imagine the squirrelly wrath that would have happened, had they been out of stock there.

Got our stuff, then went to CVS to pick up my prescription. They gave me generic, I told them no, I want real stuff, they got me the real stuff. Went to Superfresh for something to eat tonight, as everything was frozen. We ended up with two steaks and a cart full of popsicles, ice cream and some new type of frozen treats for the pups.

Home, ate steak, fed pups, now I'm ready for bed.

Oooh, did I mention that next friday I have a dump truck load of fill dirt coming in, AND a HUGE grill, deck furniture and other stuff? That should be fun, but we'll have three whole days off to deal with it.


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