Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Weekend from ... You'll see

Ok, so we wake up bright and early and take Loki to the vet for his annual vaccines. He's healthy and not happy about being poked.

Back home, feed the dogs, then off to Lowes for a new wheelbarrow to replace the one whose parts didn't fit, one of those little tractor sprinklers that travel the length of the hose and squirt (very cute), and a gazillion other things I can't even remember.

To the liquor store for refreshments for the guys that were coming sunday to help us move the dirt pile. While hubby was getting beers, I was in Kohls buying some new work clothes, since I've been wearing the same things every day for two years.

It occurs to us that it's not raining, why not start dragging some of the dirt to the back yard. After all, its not such a big pile. Two hours later, tails dragging, we decide that we're going to need some boards to hold back the dirt, as the angle of the washout is a bit bigger than we first thought, and dirt is VERY freakin heavy.

To Lowes for 4x4x6 and spikes

The dogs enjoy eating the dirt while we lay the boards and hammer in the spikes.

8pm: warm up some leftover Baja Fresh in the wave, eat it half cold, fall into bed around 9pm


We get up at 7am, well, we slowly roll out of bed and drink as much coffee and take handfuls of motrin to wake up, and stop the pain.

9am, the guys arrive, and after raining all night we find that our side yard, after a few wheelbarrow full, turns into quicksand. We decide that instead of hauling dirt and spreading it out nicely, the best thing to do is just get the dirt into the back yard, and hubby and I will spread it out. Parts of the yard are now molten goop from drainage, and around noon we get the whole pile of dirt into the back yard, then go to Denny's to eat.

To Lowes: for that carpet stuff that you lay down on top of grass seed, and more grass seed.

Home: while we spread the dirt around, the dogs are playing gleefully in the dirt, eating the dirt, and playing king of tarp. Around 3pm, we've just about finished spreading the dirt to where everything is even, and stomping it down, when Sam and Loki decide they each want a special dirt clod. They argue over the dirt clod, they begin fighting over the dirt clod. Gil grabs Loki, but I was in no position to grab Sam, so he took advantage of that and nailed Loki twice in the leg. Loki, in retaliation, went after Sam, but got me on the hand, luckily he has great bite inhibition and barely broke the skin.

We break them up and Loki is holding up his none mutant leg. We go to look and he whines and falls over, all pathetic. He has a sizeable puncture under the armpit and another farther down on the leg.

Lock the dogs up and off we go with Loki to the ER Vet. Spent an hour there, they shaved the spots, gave him an antibiotic shot and some antibiotics to take for the next week, and told us to put hot compresses on it three times a day, he'll be very sore for a week.

Home: Introduce the pups to each other again, and Sam and Loki sorta kiss and make up. Out we go again, this time to lay grass seed, the seed carpet (didn't get enough of that), then hook up the hose to the tractor and start watering. So far the tractor has fallen over in dog holes twice, which is fun getting out there to right it, but so far so good.

The dogs have eaten and I'm making them lay down and behave. Loki is limping pretty badly because his leg is getting sore, but I'm sure he'll heal just fine, but I feel sorry for the poor little guy. Sam knows he's in the craphouse, he's slinking around all guilty and trying to suck up. Meeshka is sucking up too because she knows she should have stopped it, but stood by and watched.

We're covered in goo, exhausted, sore, I have a sore on my mouth (that is growing a head I fear), a scrape on the back of my right hand, a dog bite on the back of my left hand, every muscle in my body aches, and I have no idea what we're having for dinner.

I think we'll just look out the window and watch the tractor spray the yard.

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