Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Screaming Banshee

I'm typing this on my new powerbook, so apparently the settings are different on safari (which explains the lack of bold in the title).

I'm liking this whole apple thing. The biggest headache was getting it on the network (still have some issues there to resolve), and converting quicken and quickbooks information. I took the coward's way out on quickbooks, and just plugged in the information manually.

For quicken, we have information from 1992 in there, and there's just no way I'm putting all that in, so I followed the intuit instructions for converting my data, then burned it to a CD. I installed quicken for mac and imported the information... and it worked. Of course there were some things it didn't do, and I have to set up all of my online payments and junk, but it converted all of the other data without a problem. I'm almost ready to beat the HP with a hammer now.

Of course, there are some differences between the windows version and the mac version, and until I can either figure out how to pay bills online (it's not very simplistic, and my quicken billpay username and password apprently don't work on the mac, for some reason, but it does work on the windows computer), I may just cancel the quicken billpay crap and just do online banking with my bank. Seems like an opportune time to do that, since most of our stuff is actually put on our amex anyway, just have to do the mortgage and truck payments.

So, hubby is feeling sickly (coughing, etc), and I've had half a migraine all day which pills and a nap couldn't help, but other than that, we've had a pretty good day... until... the bath tub faucet broke.

Yes, the evil bath tub faucet. When we moved in, we discovered that the hot water faucet just turns around and around. You just find the spot where it turns off, and life is good. It doesn't turn off anymore. It just dribbles at a pretty fast rate. We called a plumber to come out and tell us that he'll need to knock the whole wall out, and that'll be a zillion dollars (or the exact equivalent to the amount of money we spent on the powerbook and the 23" monitor).

Figures. I had a screaming banshee moment then. I'm fine now. I'll be home tomorrow when the plumber comes, so I'm sure I'll have another one when he tells me what it will cost to fix it. For now, we just have the hot water turned off to the tub, we'll shower downstairs in the scary shower (I just don't like it, too small). I'll laugh when he gives me the estimate, and tell him to go ahead, because what choice do we have. Guess if it happened before the powerbook/monitor purchase, then I would be really paranoid that something worse was going to happen. As in: we have oodles of money, is that jet having problems gaining altitude?

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